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ITunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode on Windows PC June 13, 2009

Posted by Gomez in Apple.
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FIRST: This minor issue could give someone with love for music headaches so I am sharing my experience/ solution with you.

Now if you follow ITunes recommendation to restore your IPod, that’s ok, but it will never stop asking to restore your IPod. Remember a restore is a factory default, so all of your files would be wiped!

SOLUTION: This iPod error message is caused when you have a removable device other than your iPod plugged into a USB port and occupying the drive letter the IPod previously used. All you need to do is unplug all removable USB devices, Open Computer Management > Disk Management, look for  your IPOD device ,right click on your iPod device and click change drive letter, assign a new drive letter to your IPOD device, after successful change, unplug IPOD data cable, and reconnect the cable. Your IPod would display as normal.