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ISA Server 2006 enterprise edition corrupted rule. January 26, 2009

Posted by daakeung in ISA Server, IT.
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Recently, ISA server had stop loading the firewall rules since it had become corrupted.

To remove the rule, you first need to find the GUID of the rule.  Just search your registry for the rule and you will find the GUID associated with it.

Once you have the GUID, you then need to install ADAM ADSI EDIT

Connect to local host on port 2171


Then drill down through the arrays until you find that specific GUID and delete it.

That resolved the issue.

The reason why the rule became corrupt, I had 2 sessions to the ISA server with the firewall management opened.

I deleted the rule from one session and tried to disable it on the other. After which it stopped me from viewing the firewall rules.

Hope this helps someone.