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Microsoft 2003 DHCP and DNS (Active Directory Integrated) LEASE ISSUE April 1, 2008

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Currently I am running DNS integrated zones with secure updates, and DHCP. Problem is that DHCP has been giving out ip addresses before ttl for the ahost record expired. Which caused workstations trying to fail dns registration, since the workstation that used the ip previously had it’s computer account tied into the AHOST and PTR.

Now matching lease time and dns expiration would fix this problem, but I have clients outside of the enterprise coming and going.

So instead of the clients registering their own records, I configured the DHCP server to register the client record and remove them when lease expires. This helps non domain computers to register and to prevent DNS pollution.

You need to enable option 81, which requests the client to send it’s FQDN (Fully qualified domain name)

You do this by opening the properties for the server or scope in DHCP MMC. Then enable the following, it’s self explanator.

DHCP, Applying DNS settings

Now when doing that, all dns records created by the dhcp server, by default will have the dhcp server computer account tied to them. So in the event of a DHCP failure, the backup DHCP server would not be able to modify the DNS records that the primary DHCP server had created. So create a user for DHCP in active directory, and set on the DHCP server the credentials, this way you can have multiple DHCP servers sharing the same account.



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